Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Websites We Like: Hidden Histories of Exploration

From The Scout Report: Hidden Histories of Exploration - Columbus, Hudson, Polo, and Stanley, are all names known far and wide to those who hold an interest in the history of exploration. But how about Juan Tepano, Mohammed Jen Jamain, and Nain Singh? The role of these individuals (and many others) from the annals of world history deserves to be better known, and it is quite appropriate that the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) is the one to tell their tales via this website. The site is meant to complement an exhibition at the RGS that highlights "the role of local inhabitants and intermediaries in the history of exploration." Visitors can learn about these persons and the process of exploration by clicking on the "Exhibition" section. From there, visitors will be guided through a series of narrative essays (such as "Local Knowledge" and "European Dependence"), accompanied by historic photographs, drawings, maps, and diary pages. After taking the online exhibition tour, visitors can click on the "Gallery" section to peruse well-illustrated collections like "French Maritime Expeditions" and an eleven-minute film from 1922 titled "Climbing Mount Everest".

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