Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting Ready for State

The regional contest season kicks off this weekend, which means that next week students and teachers will start registering for state. This year the state competition is Saturday, May 1 at Bellevue College. We're excited about this new location--it's a centrally located, easily navigable, compact campus, and the History Department is enthusiastically sponsoring the event.

But before you can get there, you have to register, and this year, we've moved to online registration for state (next year, regional contestants will register online, too). Registering online will allow you to choose your meal options, pre-order a 2010 History Day t-shirt, apply for special awards, and more. Go to our contests page, scroll down to "State," and read the information before you begin registering.

Please note that teachers must register before their students! For everyone, though, the process is the same: you'll create an account, choose a username and password, and be guided through the steps to register. As always, if you get stuck, contact us at historyday@wshs.wa.gov or 360-586-0165.

Oh, and once you're done registering? Get back to work revising your project!

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