Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Monday, from the National Contest! Many congratulations are in order today.

Last night, Team Washington attended the National History Day Welcome Ceremony and finished off the night with a photo scavenger hunt around campus. Anna Wang, Sophia Hwang, and Lucy Jiang finished first in the scavenger hunt, followed by Kylie Ada, Ezekiel Dean, and Anna Davidson. Thank you to all students who participated. Your creativity in taking photos of the scavenger hunt items was certainly entertaining.

Today was the preliminary round of competition for Junior Division students and Team Washington did great! Finalists were announced in the documentary and performance categories and of the eight entries from Washington State, four entries (comprising seven students) have advanced to the finals round. Congratulations to Simon Benko, Katie Orr, Deepthi Mohanraj, Andreea Ifrim, Virginia Qian, Jethro Abatayo, and Logan Gibert! These students will show their performances and documentaries again tomorrow.

Team Washington joined the other Nationals students at a dance this evening and many students gathered together in the Team Washington lounge in the evening to talk about the day.

In news from back home, Jake Millman from Northshore Junior High was informed that he won an award at school for Perfect Attendance. However, as he is here with us in Maryland, he was not present to accept his award. Congratulations, Jake. The irony was not lost on us.

One last big congratulations to all of Team Washington's Junior Division entries who put in a great effort today. We're very proud of you all!

Jethro and Logan prepare to show their documentary.

Sophie and Megan set up their 
blackboard before their performance.

Anna, Lucy, and Sophia set up their props.

Vaishnavi, Suchi, Devika, and Ms. Dunsire came to 
support their schoolmates during their performance.

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