Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday Awards and heading home with gold...

Hello Washington History Day fans,

The 2016 National Contest is now over and we are happy to report that we are coming home with the Junior Individual Documentary gold medal! Way to go Bobby Aiyer from Evergreen Middle School in Redmond Washington. Your project on "The Awakening of the Sleeping Giant: How Sino-American Rapprochement Triggered China's Meteoric Rise and What It Means Today," is the first project from Evergreen Middle School to win a medal at the National Contest. Bobby's teacher is Nicole Kessler and this is also the first year that Evergreen Middle has competed in the National History Day program. A crowning achievement for both Bobby and his school.

We also had four projects advance to the finals this year.

4th Place, Junior Group Website, Maxine Zhang, Clarissa Choe, "Penicillin: The Unsung Hero of World War II." Redmond Middle School, teachers Liz Dunsire and Leah Smith.

4th Place, Senior Individual Exhibit, Marissa McMaster, "The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project: Pioneering Cooperation in Space." Northshore Junior High, teacher Bill Boniface.

5th Place, Junior Paper, Daniel Ng, "Wernher von Braun: From Hitler to Huntsville." Northshore Junior High, teacher Bill Boniface.

6th Place, Junior Group Exhibit, Kyra Crosby, Emma McKune, Amber Holmgren, "Moral Choices 1975: Vietnam Refugees Encountering Callousness or Compassion; Exchanging Cultures." Pleasant Valley Middle School, teacher Irene Soohoo.

Below you will see pictures from this exciting day at the Awards Ceremony along with the Northshore students presenting teacher Alan Plummer with a shirt that contains ALL NHD state and Affiliate buttons from this years contest. They also presented Washington History Man with a special shirt covered in Colorado buttons. You will also see pictures from the procession of states as well.

Congratulations to all students from Washington State! You should all be proud of the hard work and accomplishments you've made this year.

Thank you and see you next year.

Mark and Joan.


  1. Pics look great! Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. well done everyone!