Wednesday, May 5, 2010

State contest photographic recap 1: Saturday

Saturday photographic summary (in reverse, because I haven't quite figured out Blogger's quirks yet). Exhibit photos to follow this weekend. -Gwen

Coupeville's Nationals team
Prosser's Powerhouse team.
True champions: reading judging forms IMMEDIATELY after winning.
New champions.
Cheering on a teammate.

Team Wyeast (junior school champion)
Contemplating a trip to DC.
Also contemplating a trip to DC.
Reaction shot
Group hug! (Wyeast sweep!)
Washington History Man's entrance into the Awards Ceremony!
Our biggest crowd yet.
Who needs a phone booth?
Waiting for finals postings
2 of our HQ Minions (Leigh Douglas & Simone Prince-Eischner, both previous--and possibly future--Nationals finalists).

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