Monday, May 17, 2010

Time is Running Out!

Many deadlines tomorrow for national contest travelers:

- The national contest online registration closes tomorrow at 8:59PM PST. Are you done? Are you sure? Did you get a confirmation email saying that you've paid? Maybe you should double-check...

- Order forms for t-shirts, buttons, and the bus tour are due at the state History Day office tomorrow, along with payment. Worst-case scenario: fax or email the order form to us right now, and call 360-586-0219 to arrange payment. Best case scenario: you sent everything in last week.

- Signed waivers are due at the state History Day office tomorrow. These are required of everyone who is participating in the bus tour, and yes, we do need an original signature. Fax or emailed PDF versions don't cut it in this case.

- Roommate preferences are due at the state History Day office tomorrow. Email your roommate choice, and we'll do our best to ensure your wish is granted.

Just think how much better you'll sleep, knowing this is all done--you can look forward to the national contest without that vague, nagging feeling of "I think I forgot something..." Questions? Email us.

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