Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 2: Jammin' Junior Judging

Day 2 for the Washington delegation (we ignore--mostly because we forget anything that happened in the fog of jet-lag) is also day 1 of competition: Just Juniors. The seniors scattered to far & wide corners of DC, visiting congresspeople, seeing the sights, and generally relaxing before judging Tuesday.

We'll get to the seniors later. For now, the spotlight is on our junior contingent, all of whom did exceptionally well. Advancing to the national contest is a huge honor, and everyone did incredibly well. Go Team Washington!!!

Shika celebrates after a fantastic performance.

Romessa relaxes after her senior group performance.

Preparation is never done! James Reis & Wesley Gilchrist, with assistance from Teacher of Merit Award Finalist Tricia Billes, prepare for their judge interview (group exhibit).

Christopher Wiley reread his paper ON HIS PHONE. How's that for innovation?

Tricia Billes & Bill Koenig celebrate after his individual exhibit interview.

Junior individual performer Sam Kesala practices setting up his set with expert assistance from school-mate Katie Kibota.

Junior individual documentary FINALIST, Heni Barnes, after presenting her documentary in the preliminary round. Clearly working out her frustration sent good karma off into the universe. :)

Junior individual documentary FINALIST Kalin Goss shares her vast knowledge of modern art with her judges. They loved her.

Prosser's famous "WOOSH" to cheer on Sara Durrant, their teammate.

Sara Durrant rehearses her junior individual performance about satellites. She was great!

A button trading & dorm door decorating report will follow, after Lauren & I write the next edition of The Wash.

Signing off for now,
Gwen (assistant, cheerleader, paparazzo)

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  1. Great pics! I almost felt like I was there with all of you AWEsome NHDers.