Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wondrous Washington

What a team! You already saw that the Washington team left DC with an unprecedented number of medals, but more than that, this was a FANTASTIC group. All the kids, teachers, and families were a true pleasure to have along. That sounds like something I'm just saying, but really, this group was the BEST. Fun, good-spirited, smart, enthusiastic, and unparalleled button-traders. What more can you ask for?

Our Wednesday tradition is the Multimedia Festival, where students present their documentaries and performances in a casual setting (usually in pajamas, often without sets, etc.)
A banana is a good stand-in for a sextant. Who knew?

An orange kind of looks like a marine chronometer. Kind of.

Amanda (headless, sorry!), Alana, & Braydon reprise their performance about the radio.

Wednesday was Austin's 16th birthday, so his schoolmates gave him this shirt! And made him wear it! :)

Lauren & I got Austin this pretty sash and a tiny red sports car. It was Nancy's birthday too, so we got her a tiara and a stress-ball (for use during the awards ceremony).

"This presentation is brought to you by the number 3 and the letter B, the letter C, and the letter H." (Finalists--and 12th place finishers--Brittany, Cassie, & Hayley perform.)

Yup, still button trading!

Jackson & Dawson's documentary about the 747.

Justine's performance about Nazi propaganda.

Sarah got all the pins! One each from every participating state & territory!

Tian, Raluca, & Anand presented their documentary about the transcontinental railroad.

After the presentations, several students helped get the orcas ready for Thursday's Parade of States.

Ana & Jessica won the Senior Outstanding State award ...

... and placed 7th overall!

Brittany, Hayley, & Cassie placed 12th for their Sesame Street performance.

Yes, girls, that's you!
Bronze medal!

Emily & Maddy won the special award for immigration history.

Junior Outstanding State Award winner Heni ...

... placed 7th overall.

PBS Teacher of Merit Winner Tricia Billes can really carry off a tiara. (We gave it to her Wednesday night.)

Kalin Goss' documentary placed 11th overall.

Lynette got her last button during the Parade of States!

Yes Nathan, you won a silver medal!

It looks good!

But not as good as 2! (Nathan also won the Legacy Award.)

Samantha's documentary came in 11th overall. Awesome!

Sarah won a special award (Navy History Award) ...

... and placed 6th with her Senior Individual Exhibit.

Wesley & James' Junior Group Exhibit placed 6th overall!

And their teacher, Mrs. Billes, won Teacher of Merit, a huge honor for a history teacher!

This is a good-looking group ...

... and this is a better-looking group ...

... but does it get any better than this? Seriously guys, come back again! Next year's theme is a GREAT one!

History Day Helper & Paparazzo
(Photo DVDs of the trip available by e-mailing me: gwenschweitzer@me.com)

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  1. Thank you for posting these pictures . . . It lets me feel like I could share in the event.