Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome to Tuesday everyone,

BUSY DAY TODAY! The day started with seniors in preliminary rounds and ended with juniors in the final rounds. We had several projects this morning, but the majority of our seniors ended up with afternoon judging times. That made it a bit challenging to cover everyone, but not to worry, your faithful staff made sure to get to everyone and at least wish them luck, and in most cases, view the project as it was judged. Way to go seniors, job well done.

I'm also happy to report that Susan and I made our way to the Comcast Center and got our seats all roped off and tagged for the big awards ceremony on Thursday. :-)

After dinner we all headed over to support our wonderful juniors taking part in the evening finals. We saw two of our performance projects give it their all, way to go juniors. Job well done!

We are now in a very quiet dorm lounge busily making schedules for the seniors that moved on to finals tomorrow. We have an individual performance, individual documentary, and BOTH of our group docs have made their way into finals. :-) It's going to be a very busy morning for your crew here to make sure we cover a lot of ground and be there in person to cheer them on.

Below you will see Ben Tran, Clara Bardot and Paige Hopkins from Liberty High School, (Renton), enjoying one of the many bronze turtles on campus. This is Liberty's first year in the program, and we are very happy to have them here at the contest with us. :-)

For those of you looking for an update from the dance last night, sorry, but the weather was so bad we skipped it. :-(

Great day everyone, see you all tomorrow...

aka, Washington History Man

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