Monday, June 10, 2013

Welcome to 2013 Washington Hisdtory Day - National Contest...

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It's already Monday, where does the time go?

To catch you up, on Saturday, most of the team arrived with a few exceptions and everyone got settled into their lovely and luxurious air conditioned dorms. This year, Team WA is staying in La Plata, and for those of you back home, that is the place to be, as not many dorms on campus have AC. The lounge on the 2nd floor is decorated with all sorts of Team WA signs to let those that wander along know who's hanging out on that floor. :-) 

Sunday was a day of exhibit set up for a few of the kids, sight seeing in DC for many, and some fast and furious button trading for most. The night ended with the Opening Ceremonies and a great speech by Peter Sagal.

Now, catching you back up to today, it's Monday and it's Junior time! It's been a fun and lively day with juniors all over campus as they compete for the chance to make it into finals. Your dedicated staff, (Mark, Susan, Mindy, Gwen, Randy and Barbara), have also been racing all over campus as they do their best to wish all of the kids good luck and cheer them on! Go Team WA!

The only thing complicating things thus far is the weather. Now most of you back home probably take that to mean that the heat and humidity must really be taking a toll on us WA folks. Sadly that is not the case, this year it's the rain and humidity that are causing things to be a bit challenging. :-) But hey, it's only rain and being from Washington we are used to it. No big deal, it's just rain. :-)

OK time for more junior level excitement. Be sure to follow updates on Facebook as well. Posting lots of pics there.

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