Thursday, June 14, 2012



24 out of 36 projects made it into finals!!!  WOW!!!! 24!!!!!!!!!

What an incredible year for History Day in Washington State. What an incredible national contest this year as well. :-)

I'd like to thank my wonderful staff members/volunteers that went along this year, Molly, Gwen, Randy and Barbara. You all worked very hard and my hats off to you, I couldn't have done it without you.

I'd also like to thank the teachers, parents, and judges that have spent countless hours, coaching, advising, assisting and providing valuable feedback to make these kids better at each level. YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST!!  :-)

To all of the students in the program, way to go! You've all worked so hard and it shows. Your dedication to your projects and the countless hours you've spent in libraries, archives and interviewing people is most impressive.

Now it's time to reveal the winners.

1st Riley Borden, Junior Individual Performance
1st Sarah Sadlier, Senior Paper
1st Rachel Roberts, Aishwarya Nirmal, Senior Group Performance
1st Tara, Maya, Lila Balakrishnan, Samhita Karnati, Senior Group Documentary
2nd Natalie Pilgeram, Senior Paper
3rd Marlee Raible, Margaret Phillips, Sean Dolan, Senior Group Exhibit

4th Katie Brandao, Senior Individual Website
5th Adarsh Mital, Jason Lee, Senior Group Website
6th Gabe Gregory, Cammy Rouser, Junior Group Exhibit
7th Mahi Elango, Sophie Tevosyan, Adarsh Karnati, Anand Nambakam, Junior Group Documentary
7th Erin Lee, Junior Individual Exhibit
8th Laura Liao, Junior Individual Website
8th Brooke Musburger, Bella Senturia, Junior Group Website
8th Carmen Abbe, Senior Individual Exhibit
9th Madison Snaric, Christiana Lee, Senior Group Website
9th Dani Jordan, Senior Individual Documentary
10th Cindy Kuang, Junior Individual Documentary
11th Dylan Henry, Junior Individual Documentary
11th Steven Li, Junior Individual Website
12th Katelynn Hong-Clancy, Stephanie Massart, Junior Group Performance
12th Taylor Walsh, Senior Individual Website
13th Mondona Behroozian, Olivia Banks, Junior Group Documentary
13th Sophia Konat, Junior Individual Performance
14th Jonathan Aiken, Junior Group Website

Congratulations again to all of the Washington History Day students and thank you for a wonderful year.

Hope to see many of you again next year.

aka, Washington History Man             

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