Monday, June 11, 2012


WOW, what a day for Team Washington Juniors today.

7 out of 8 projects have moved on to the final round!!  Way to go Juniors!!

For those of you that are not familiar with the program, competitors in the documentary and performance categories have their preliminary results announced at the end of the day as they have to know if they are going to have to present again. All other categories have silent finals, so we do not know how the rest of our juniors ended up today. Just hoping that our other 10 projects did equally as well.

A really big thank you to our teachers back in Washington. You give so much of your time, energy, enthusiasm, support and expertise to our wonderful students. The students wouldn't be who they are if it wasn't for you!

Another big thank you to our incredible judges that have continually provided our students with the best feedback and support in every level of competition. Our judges are simply the best, and it shows year after year. Today's preliminary results prove that!

What's even more impressive is some perennial favorites like California had 1, Ohio had 2, Minnesota had 3, and Texas had 6 advancing to finals. We're excited to have the problem of trying to see all 7 of the Washington finalists tomorrow evening.

We are also looking forward to seeing our seniors competing in their preliminary rounds throughout the day tomorrow.  No doubt that their projects will be outstanding as well!

I can't wait to update everyone on Team Washington as we hear back about our senior delegates and see our junior finalists compete.

Here's a few pics from today...

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