Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello Washington History Day fans,

This update is coming to you live from the 4th floor lounge in Hagerstown Hall. We arrived early this morning after taking the red-eye through Atlanta and are now greeting members of the Washington delegation as they trickle in tonight.

The weather here is as you would expect for DC in June, hot, humid, and muggy! You couldn't ask for better weather. :-)

The day has been pretty good with only a minor mishap in room scheduling. The list that was sent ahead didn't translate too well with the college software, but after a few hours of corrections, all is well and people are now easing into their non-AC dorm rooms.

Button trading has already begun and kids are eagerly awaiting the arrival of more states to the contest. Watch for more updates on that front as they occur this week.

Been a long day here and we just have a few more door signs to hang before we call it a night.

Watch for more posts this week.

Team WA

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