Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Howdy Washington History Day Fans,

Coming to you live from the second floor lounge!!

This is our last night in the dorms and everyone is super excited about the awards ceremony tomorrow morning.

But before we get to that, we first need to talk about today's big day for seniors. As you may recall, we had three entries moving on to present in the final rounds today and they all gave it their best! They did really well and now it's in the hands of the judges. The results will not be announced until Thursday morning, watch the webcast live, 5:30am on the west coast on

After finals, everyone left campus and headed for one last day of sight seeing and monument viewing before heading over to the Night at the Museum. This is the second year for this fun event held at the National Museum of American History. The museum stays open for 2 hours in the evening for History Day students/families to enjoy live re-en actors along with one History Day exhibit on display from each state. Lots of fun for all!!

This being our last night, we are now just getting ready to present awards to our door decorating winners. :-) Then it's off to bed for everyone.

Here's a few photo's from today's action.

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