Monday, June 15, 2015

Junior Prelims and Student Dance

After a full, exciting day exploring D.C. yesterday, students in the Junior Division competed in their preliminary round today.

Mary Lynn (Pleasant Valley Middle School)
enjoying Washington, D.C.
[Photo: Rene Soohoo]

 Megha and Lillian (Redmond Middle School)
in costume for their Junior Group Performance
on Lucille Ball
[Photo: Liz Dunsire]

 The team from Redmond Middle School enjoys some
well-deserved ice cream after their interviews.
[Photo: Liz Dunsire]

Junior Division finals in the documentary and performance categories were announced this evening. Washington is proud to be sending two Junior Group Documentaries to the finals round. (Exhibit, paper, and website finals are not announced.)

 Teachers Rene Soohoo (Pleasant Valley Middle School)
and Mary Fitzmaurice (Explorer Middle School)
wait for finals results to be posted.

Congratulations to the Junior Group Documentary finalists:

 Taylor and Alina
(International Community School)
[Photo: Christine Caragher]
Grace, Arushi, and Meghna
(Redmond Middle School)
[Photo: Liz Dunsire]

The evening ended with the student dance. Mark and Hannah visited the dance to say hello to Team Washington, but Mark found the pop music confusing and wanted to leave as soon as Beyonce's Single Ladies came on.

Student Dance

Tomorrow: Senior Division Preliminary Round and Junior Division Finals!

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