Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Senior Prelims and Junior Finals

Phew! Supporting those Senior Division students sure does leave a person hungry!

Many Junior Division students from Washington came to watch Senior Division documentaries and performances today.

  Johnson (Northshore Junior High) enjoys a
noodle bowl in between documentaries
[Photo: Bill Boniface]

 Lauryn, Sally, and Carlyn (Liberty High School) after their
website interview
[Photo: JoAnn Olsson]

 Vincy, Issabelle, and Lorrin (Liberty High School) after their
exhibit interview
[Photo: JoAnn Olsson]

 Levi (Prosser High School) right before his performance
[Photo: Kila Salyers-Smith]

 Christopher (Lakeside School) with his exhibit

 Andrew (Liberty High School) before his
website interview
[Photo: JoAnn Olsson]

 Dhamanpreet (Liberty High School) after her   
website interview
[Photo: JoAnn Olsson]

Piper (Charles Wright Academy) presenting her documentary

Deepthi, Andreea, Virginia, and teacher Nick Wellington
(Redmond High School) having fun in D.C. after
showing their documentary

Junior Division finals took place this afternoon/evening and Washington State's two Junior Group Documentaries played their films for the finals judges.  Senior Division finals were announced this evening in the documentary and performance categories and Washington State is proud to be represented by Anmol and Christian's Senior Group Performance.

Anmol and Christian (International Community School)
before their performance on the Opium War

Mark and Hannah (assisted generously by Coupeville High School teacher Wilbur Purdue) manged to sneak away for a bit to mark off Team Washington's section of the Xfinity Center in preparation for the Awards Ceremony on Thursday.

Students spent the rest of the evening socializing, relaxing, and button trading.

Did we mention that Johnson (Northshore Junior High)
is only one or two buttons short of a full set?!

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