Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Our last full day in DC...

Hello Washington History Day Fans,

Coming to you live from the 5th floor lounge in Elkton Hall.

Another exciting, (and hot) day here in D.C. with Team Washington exploring the city and museums. Some made stops at the Newseum, while others went to the new African American Museum. Others made stops at both of our Senator's office and a few made stops visiting the House Reps.

It's been a long week of competition and the kids are wore out! As you can see from the pics below, several still have enough energy to enjoy some snacks in the lounge before the big day ahead tomorrow.

We have a few pics of the party along with a few pics of the whale being inflated today.

If you look close, you can also see Seymour hanging out at a few important D.C. landmarks.

You will see Sneha Bharadwaj at the African American Museum and you will also see TeddyBill taking a selfie with Senator Cantwell.

Busy day head, so time to get some rest.

JoAnn and Mark signing off...

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