Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday June 11, 2017

Hello Washington History Day Fans...

Welcome to the 2017 National Contest! 

Sorry we missed you yesterday, but it was a very busy and hectic day for the Washington History Day crew. But we're today to share in all of the fun and excitement. 

We would like to begin today's blog with a funny incident that happened to Joan and I last night in our dorm elevator. As we entered the elevator a mother and daughter entered along with us. The daughter asked Joan where she was from, Joan replied, "Washington State." The daughter then asked, "you're from Washington?" She then went on to say "Washington is so cool!" To which Joan replied, "where are you from?" And the daughter said, "Wisconsin, Wisconsin is just ehh!" At that point the elevator reached the floor where the mother and daughter were exiting and the mother said, "well...." At that point the elevator door closed and we didn't hear the end of their conversation. But we surmised that the daughter felt that Washington State is pretty cool! And so do we!

Onto Sunday...

After breakfast we had our first team meeting on the steps of Elkton Hall. The group was travel weary as most of them arrived late last night. We got through the meeting and Joan handed out swag-bags while Mark headed off to the Exhibit Hall. The Exhibit students followed and set up their projects which you can see on the Washington History Day Facebook page, while the other students headed for site-seeing in D.C.

The day moved along with everyone returning to campus in order to catch the Opening Ceremony and Ken Burns! Mr. Burns rocked the house and several of our kids stuck around to get his autograph and pictures with him. The highlight of the evening was Joan getting a high-five with Ken Burns as he left the stage! Rock star style! 

There was also LOTS of fast and furious button trading by ALL Washington kids. We expect to see even more of that tomorrow and Tuesday. 

Monday is the big day for Juniors and many of them have been rehearsing in the dorm lounge tonight and others have gone to bed early to get lots of rest. We wish all of our Juniors the best of luck tomorrow and we are excited to see the results. 

Below are just a few pictures of the day. You can also see more on the Washington History Day Facebook page. 

Stay tuned for more History Fans...

Mark and Joan!

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