Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seniors big day...

Howdy History Fans,

Today was the follow up to yesterday's big senior day with the senior finals for documentaries and performances. We had two docs and two perfs to watch and boy were they great! The two performances did a great job and got some really nice crowd applause as did our two early morning docs. The kids were very excited after their judge times and were also relieved to have it done. They are now just waiting to see the results tomorrow at the big awards ceremony.

After that we all pretty much left campus to enjoy our last afternoon of sight seeing in DC before the big reception held at the National Museum of American History. The reception was also quite nice with a picnic style dinner provided to all of the guests. My rough estimate would be somewhere over 3,000 people attending the event. It was a lot of fun to stroll through the museum and see the 50 or so exhibits that were transported over to the museum first thing this morning.

We are now getting ready to start the 6th annual multi media festival in the dorm lounge. I hope people can stay awake after that long day today. We are also going to pass out the awards for the dorm door decorating contest. :-)  Should be lots of fun.

Happy History Day everyone!

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