Saturday, June 11, 2011

We made it...

Hello Washington History Fans,

Happy to report that most of team WA has arrived safe and sound here in College Park. We do have a few people missing luggage though, sure hope it arrives soon. Hard to live out of a carry-on.

The heat is as you would expect it to be, HOT and humid, but we are adapting well. We are also making new friends with the other states in our building and the kids are frantically trading buttons as you'd expect. They are trying to figure out who has the coolest buttons and how hard it will be to get the Oregon button!

It's getting late here and we are all crashing out for the night. Big Sunday tomorrow with a morning meeting, exhibit set up, registration and of course more button trading. The night will culminate with a fun evening tour of monuments!

Thanks to everyone and more later,

Team WA

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