Friday, June 17, 2011

Washington Winners at the National Contest

Hello History Day Fans,

Sorry for the long delay, but today was spent trying to recover from jet-lag. That east to west is always a bit tough, but worth it!!

In case you haven't heard, WA did pretty well this year at the national contest. Here's a recap.

Washington State took first in the nation in the Senior Individual Documentary category. The student, Samhita Karnati is from Redmond Junior High School. The title of her documentary is, “What was Promised? Northwest Indian Fishing Rights Debated.” This is one of the top prizes at the national contest, is sponsored by the History Channel and comes with a very nice cash award. Way to go Samhita.

We also took first in the nation in the Senior Group Website category. The students, Jessica Jin, Anastasiya Kirichuk from International Community School in Kirkland. The title of their website is, “Freeing the Elwha: Debating the Future of America’s Watersheds.”

We took second place in the nation in the Senior Group Documentary category. The student’s, Maya Balakrishnan, Tara Balakrishnan, Anand Raghuraman, Tian Kisch, and Raluca Ifrim. The students attend Redmond High School. The title of their documentary is, “From Isolation to Empire: The Aftermath of the Spanish American War.” 

We took third place in the Junior Individual Website category. The student, Megan Messer attends Timbercrest Junior High in Woodinville. The title of her website is, “The Treaty of Versailles.”

As a state delegation we took 54 students to College Park to compete this year, and that amounted to 36 actual projects with some being in the group category and some being in the individual category. Of the 36 projects, 14 made it into the second or final round. As you have read above, we had 4 category winners and it should also be noted that we had 2 juniors and 1 senior project that finished in 4th place, just out of the medals. 

This was a really fun year for Team Washington as everyone supported one another and everyone had a great time. Team cohesion was strong and evident as was seen in the audience of finals rounds competitions. WA team members really turned out in support of their fellow team participants. 

Really proud of Team WA this year and looking forward to next year. 

Thank you all and have a great summer.

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